This Learn to Earn Programme will teach you all the skills and strategies that school or University didn’t.

Instead of irrelevant, theoretical lessons in academia that you can’t apply in real life, you will get access to practical, easy to learn lessons proven by social scientists and behavioural psychologists.

You can apply these rare and valuable learnings immediately to give you an unfair advantage in your professional career, putting you ahead of the pack.

What will this Learn to Earn Programme teach you?

It will teach you how to:

  • make more money faster in your mid-life career
  • maximise your earning potential before retirement
  • dramatically increase your income and earning potential
  • feel more confident and in control about your future prospects
  • become a more effective and attractive person
  • be a more decisive person who is in charge of their destiny because of what you now know
  • position you as a person of influence and authority across a bigger network of people that can help you and your career grow faster
  • create a highly competitive and powerful advantage for yourself over your peers
  • make you ready and resilient for any recession, redundancy or re-structuring rounds

The 7 Building Blocks of The Learn to Earn Programme:

You don’t need to master one skill in your professional career.

You need to master many.

The Learn to Earn Programme has pulled together the seven skills sets you need to get ahead in your career. Real skills for the real world, that are easy to learn and proven to work:

These are the core foundational skills to learning and lasting success so this is why we start here.

The world’s most productive, profitable and powerful business people like Gates, Oprah, Buffett, Bezos and Musk use these same tools and techniques to get through a ton of work and be the titans of business they are today. This means you can too if you have the discipline, commitment and motivation to learn and use these same tools.

In this first Learn to Earn lesson, I will teach you:

  • how to double your current productivity using one simple system
  • how to accelerate your learning to keep ahead of your colleagues and competitors
  • how to use boundaries to maximum benefit
  • how to set goal setting tools and techniques to reach the outcomes you want faster
  • how to leverage the magic and power of the 1% compound effect
  • how to implement a ton of time saving hacks
  • how to set yourself on the road to success

Along with this you will get a list of my top 5 recommended readings on productivity, decisions and habit-forming along with a link to all my business book breakdowns as a bonus when you enrol in this course *

Commanding profitable premiums as a brand means you need to secure a unique position in the market’s mind. In today’s over-communicated and information-saturated world you need a powerful brand that positions yourself so you can connect and cut through the clutter. If you don’t do this, all you have is a commodity that is picked and played on by price (and good luck with that).

In this second Learn to Earn lesson I will teach you:

  • how to make your product distinct and different
  • how to be the cardiologist, not the GP (General Practioner/Generalist Doctor)
  • how to create names that people remember and recall
  • how to produce a powerful positioning statement that nails your brand
  • how to use the power of perceptional drivers to drive prospects to say yes
  • how to use a strategy canvas to be unique and useful to your customers
  • how to master sensory branding to make you special

Along with these super-skills, you will get a list of my top 5 recommended reading and a link to all my business book breakdowns as a bonus*

Pricing alone is THE single biggest determinant of profit. Get it right and you win. Get it wrong and you lose big time. Pricing your product properly is key to upholding your premium. Humans have an unusual and unpredictable way of evaluating value which involves some deep psychology. Knowing how to hack the mental game is where you master your price and profits.

In this lesson, I will teach you:

  • How to raise your prices to the maximum whilst maximising your margin
  • How to secure a higher salary pay raise using this a proven and powerful psychological tool
  • How to make more money using the critical component of context
  • How to use value-based pricing in your next proposal
  • How to make more money on e-Bay or TradeMe auctions using this ONE simple formula
  • How to frame your pricing using frameworks that get people to pay you more
  • How to avoid the disaster of discounting and why it pays not to do it
  • How to use specificity in your pricing to get people to believe you and buy more
  • How to use odd numbers to make your bids win

After health, research shows the second most important skill we want to learn is how to relate to and influence others.

This lesson will take you through the how to and hacks of Influence to make you a more influential person, a more effective negotiator and a powerful persuader.

In this lesson I will teach you:

  • How to get information out of someone without raising suspicion (using a proven FBI technique)
  • How to use the power of priming to get what you want from a person
  • How to improve the net worth of your network
  • How to get an upgrade or next seat on your next flight
  • How to build deep, instant rapport without being detected
  • How to influence people using six scientifically proven weapons of influence
  • How to use the art of asking ONE thing will influence others to help you dramatically
  • How to use framing and anchoring to get the response you need
  • How to pre-suade people before you’ve even met them
  • How to make people like you more and your message by messing up
  • How to use counter-intuitive influence to get people to do what you want them to do

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and marketing is the fuel that feeds it by generating qualified leads that sales convert. Better still if you master your marketing your sales prospects will convert and close themselves.

In this lesson I will teach you:

  • how to secure that all-important first appointment
  • how to manage and master ANY sales objection
  • how to balance the traditional power battle between vendor and seller
  • how to pre-qualify prospects saving you massive amounts of time and money
  • how to create genuine, authentic rapport
  • how to dismiss discounting (and why it’s so bad for business)
  • how to use retreat and follow to get buyers buying
  • how to use the killer app that is commercial context
  • how to perfect powerful questions that put you in control
  • how to transition from sales rep to trusted advisor

Over 70% of communication is non-verbal due to our non-speaking cave man days.

Nailing non-verbal communication will give you an almost sixth sense and Jedi like power in the business of body language. Whist it won’t tell you what they’re thinking, it will tell you how they’re thinking which will help you convert and close more sales.

It is important to be able to read what people are saying and not saying

In this lesson I will teach you:

  • how to definitively detect when someone is lying to you
  • how to look for contradictions in clusters of body language
  • how to see when someone is ready to buy
  • how to position yourself in meeting rooms for maximum persuasion
  • how to get to grips with the art of the business handshake
  • how to make a great impression
  • how to re-gain power when a prospect keeps you waiting

In the one minute you’ve taken to read this, millions of new posts, blogs and tweets have hit the internet making your job harder to connect and cut through to your chosen audience.

We now live in a busy, noisy and over-saturated content world, so you need to master content creation to cut through or you’ll get left behind.

Creating content has many massive benefits for you and your business:

  • it positions you as an authority and expert in your chosen field
  • it alerts you to media and speaking opportunities
  • it it qualifies your prospects more effectively
  • it allows you to employ a strategy of “out-teach to out-sell”
  • it doesn’t have to be geographic
  • it works whilst you sleep
  • it travels across countries and time zones
  • it uses the power of reciprocation (you get valuable customer contact details in exchange for valuable content)
  • it allows you to get better SEO ranking
  • it works to connect you with a new network of fellow-minded thinkers and followers you wouldn’t have otherwise found
  • it uses 1:Many instead of 1:1

In this 7th Learn to Earn lesson, I will teach you:

  • How to create killer content that your customers will crave
  • How to create content that connects deeply
  • How to create content that becomes contagious
  • How words that rhyme will climb and stay in your prospect’s memory
  • How to make your headlines hit home runs
  • How to master the emotion of motivation in humans
  • How to create a content stool that will deliver leads to you forever

Whilst you wait or delay, others are getting better at honing their content craft and skills. Don’t get left behind. Get ahead by clicking here (LINK) to connect and cut through so you can crush your commercial goals.

Even if you master just ONE of these methods, I guarantee you will pay your course investment MULTIPLE times over.

I have packed each of these lessons with massive amount of value to make sure you get your money’s worth. In it are all the tools and techniques I have perfected over the last 25 years in business that have served me well. They will do the same for you.

All these tools are scientifically proven and evidence-based with the case studies to back up their claims. They work which means they will work for you.

Stop wasting your precious time and money investing in out-dated, traditional  business coaching whose content isn’t up to date. Learn from someone who has the track record, tools and techniques that have helped them grow a six figure business in year 1 and attract over $5million in sales in 5 years.

Dive in now so I can share with you the strategies and systems I have learnt and used successfully to maximise your money and margins NOW.

What are you waiting for? Time is money and course spots are limited per intake.